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According to one Kansas City entrepreneur, millennial voters aren’t getting the information they need to make an educated vote — and he’s trying to change that with, a company that aims to quickly inform voters about candidates with 60-second videos. [read more]

Kansas City Mayor Sly James stepped up this Sunday to help a team of entrepreneurs win a competition in which they built a business in 54 hours. [read more]

The idea was born of his frustration from heading to the polls, staring at a list of names he didn’t recognize and not having time to research each candidate. So, he devised “1 Minute Candidate,” a website where candidates can upload a single one-minute video sharing why they should receive your vote. [read more]

A few years ago Matthew Marcus went to vote in a local election.

“Once again I entered the voting booth uneducated and uninformed about who the heck to vote for,” said Marcus. “I left the voting booth frustrated because I was just picking random names of people I didn’t know anything about.”

Marcus wondered how many people felt the same way. [read more]