Ideas for "a better tomorrow"

The sustainability fair "Green Live" wants to offer a mix of non-profit organizations and companies in the A2 Forum in November. The organizer Markus Tenkhoff wants to know the name of the trade fair as a "green experience".

It offers "solutions for a healthy and future-oriented lifestyle," says Tenkhoff. Based on the three-pillar model of sustainability from economics, ecology and social issues, it is about the intergenerational preservation system. From five areas, the variety of offers comes "for a better tomorrow".

Under the slogan "naturally healthy" organic food over natural cosmetics to natural medicine are presented. The focus on "energy saving" includes, among other things, insulation, regenerative energies and recycling. The keyword "mobile" is about cars with hybrid or gas engines as well as e-bikes and bicycles. "Green Gift Ideas" is the topic to which products made of natural raw materials or recycled materials, but also delicacies are offered. Tenkhoff spoke of a "green Christmas market". There should also be an education market. Also planned are workshops and lectures, fashion shows, organic show cooking and the first fair trade rap.

Three representatives of non-profit organizations had Tenkhoff at the presentation of the concept yesterday at his side. The association "Energie Impuls OWL", which counts craftsmen and engineers among its 130 members, is committed to climate protection. "The facts are known, we have to get into the implementation," said CEO Klaus Meyer. 

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