How fast can you make the first money online?

That's a question many newcomers face. The answer is simple: it basically depends on what you want to make money on the internet. Each business model has its own time threshold for initial revenue.

It makes a difference whether you quickly make some "mini-jobs" that are immediately remunerated with a fixed amount, or whether you want to start something bigger, such as your own blog.

I specialize in creating blogs and websites. This path never leads to fast money - no chance! It usually takes a few months for a fresh website to make money, and only if you do it right.

If, on the other hand, you decide to work for a job that pays you a fixed amount for work done, you earn much faster money. A good example of this is the writing of articles for a specialist text service provider.

There are many websites that commission article creation. This means that the content is outsourced to a service provider who transfers the content to freelance workers (copywriters).

If the responsible writer delivers the article, it will be remunerated immediately with a fixed amount, which is usually in the range between 10 - 50 euros, sometimes even something above it. 

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