Here you can earn money on the side

Are you still missing ideas and inspiration on how to make money along the way? The options are numerous, we have listed a few examples and show you how, with a little time and a willingness to inform yourself, you can make money on the side. These extra wages do not necessarily help you get rich in a short time - but they can bring a nice plus on the account and sometimes even need only a relatively small effort.

Find a side job
The absolute classic for making money on the side is the side job. A mini-job on 450-euro basis brings a regulated additional income and can be searched in the most different areas, so that there is always something that suits you personally.

A solid part-time job also takes a lot of time. In addition, you sign a contract of employment to which you are bound. In addition, it is not always easy to organize and synchronize two jobs.

Sell old and used things
When you look around your apartment, in the cupboards, in the basement and in the attic, do you really need and need all the things you own? Often something is put away in the thought and stowed that it could be needed again later. But how often is that the case? As a result, many really good things are lying around unused and are only stored.

And all the stuff you no longer need could help you make some money on the side. Sort out, look at what you no longer need and start selling used equipment. On the Internet there are numerous groups and websites where this is easily possible. Flea markets are also an option. Nearly everything can be sold, from clothing to books, movies, games, technology, decoration and much more.

Test products
You should not expect a lot of money as a product tester. This is especially true for the beginning, which is known to be always difficult. If you test a product every now and then, you get it in exchange, but on the side you can only make money if you make the tests a bit more professional and have experience with them. 

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