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Daniel P. Pflumm


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Daniel P. Pflumm for Daniel P. Pflumm is running as the incumbent for .

Dan Pflumm was sworn into office as a Ward I Councilmember on April 12, 2002. Dan is a native of Shawnee. He and his wife Julie, have five children -- one daughter and four sons -- between the ages of 6 and 18. He earned an Associate's Degree at Johnson County Community College, and a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering at K-State. After college, he spent approximately four years in Wichita working for Boeing, returning to Shawnee in 1989. He owns DanCo Systems Inc., which engineers and sells instrumentation and control products to major manufacturers. Dan served on the parish council at St. Joseph's Church, volunteers at the St. Joseph School and coaches baseball and football for teams on which his sons play.

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