1 Minute Candidate is an award winning political marketing platform that helps you, political candidates across America, target and reach voters online. We elevate your digital presence and ensure you’re connecting with your constituents in a meaningful, engaging, impactful way. Best of all, we’re the perfect Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaigning tool which helps you easily and immediately hyper-target and reach voters in the final days leading up to Election Day.

What is 1 Minute Candidate?
Learn more about 1 Minute Candidate our About page.

How does 1 Minute Candidate Work?
We’ve purposely built 1 Minute Candidate to be fast and easy for candidates to use. Getting started takes these 3 simple steps:

  1. Record your 60 second or less overview, issue, and endorsement videos using your smartphone.
  2. Send your videos to us.
  3. We create your personal 1 Minute Candidate profile page and add all of your videos to it in less than 24 hours.

It’s really that simple. Watch as 1 Minute Candidate helps you digitally connect with voters in a personal and authentic way.

How do voters find my videos?
Once your 1 Minute Candidate profile page is live and all of your videos have been uploaded, the Internet immediately begins to work its magic. Your profile page and videos will be indexed by all of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) as well as YouTube thereby increasing your digital presence and voter reach.

Additionally, 1 Minute Candidate offers an unparalleled video advertising system to ensure that the most critical voters see your 1 Minute Candidate videos. To take advantage of our hyper-targeted, digital voter targeting system:

  1. Record your 15 second “ad video” using your smartphone. This short video should encourage voters to check out your 1 Minute Candidate profile and learn why they should vote for you.
  2. Using public voter records and other patented methods, 1 Minute Candidate allows you to hyper-target your most important constituents. Voters can be targeted by state or federal election district, zip code, party affiliation, voting history, age, gender, educational level, income level, and more.
  3. Once targeted, your 15 second ad video will be shown to thousands of potential voters across millions of popular websites within our advertising partners’ networks.
  4. Voters who click your 15 second ad video will be directed to your personal 1 Minute Candidate profile page to watch your overview, issues, and endorsement videos.

That’s it. And at a price of less than 5 cents per impression, 1 Minute Candidate offers a cost effective and proven method to reach voters with engaging and impressionable material, educating voters and encouraging their vote for you.

What does a 1 Minute Candidate profile page look like?
Check out the 1 Minute Candidate profile page for our fictional candidate, Tommy Terrace.

Ready to become a 1 Minute Candidate?
Great! We can get your 1 Minute Candidate campaign up and running right away so you can Get Out The Vote. We’re the GOTV experts. Click the Get Started button to begin the process, or call us at 913-526-3133.