At the same time make money: In theory, no problem

If finances are tight, money worries keep cropping up, and current employment is simply not enough to cover the costs and make ends meet, there must be an additional source of income. Not every job is well paid and so is a second job to supplement the cash, not an isolated case. And it does not even take much to make money on the side.

Basically, it takes one crucial factor: time. The Internet in particular offers numerous opportunities to earn one or two euros by the way, but unfortunately it often turns out that just the time is very tight. After all, it is not without reason that you earn money on the side - so it is not the only task, but should be done in addition to the actual earning a living, education or study.

This is where the difficulties begin. A full-time job takes almost the entire time, the free time is already tight and exactly then money should be earned on the side. Those who are absolutely dependent on it will have the necessary motivation, but whoever gets along without the extra money often has a hard time getting started again after the actual closing time and investing more time in the evening or on weekends.

You can help to achieve concrete goals that you are working towards and that you want to achieve. For example, this can be a certain sum that you want to save in order to realize your personal dream trip or to finally be able to pay for a long-awaited purchase. With a tangible and concrete result in mind, it will be easier for you to invest the extra hours to earn on the side money. 

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