What is 1 Minute Candidate?
1 Minute Candidate is a unique platform that connects political candidates and voters. Inspired by the need to return authenticity and transparency to the election process, 1 Minute Candidate provides national, state and local candidates with the opportunity to speak directly and concisely to voters via videos that are 60 seconds or less. Utilizing short videos allows candidates to convey their positions quickly via an engaging medium that resonates with voters.

Why 1 Minute Candidate?
At 1 Minute Candidate, we believe that American democracy has shifted from substantive political conversations to overproduced partisan advertising. We believe voters deserve a real and honest look at the candidates themselves without all of the usual marketing rhetoric. We believe political candidates deserve an unbiased, equal opportunity platform to talk openly and genuinely with voters about their campaign and the issues that matter most. We believe that 1 Minute Candidate is real democracy in the form of voter education for today’s generation.

Who are 1 Minute Candidates?
Any candidate running for office that wants to speak to their constituents with transparency and authenticity can be a 1 Minute Candidate. Local and state officials who might otherwise lack the means to communicate their thoughts and beliefs directly to voters are ideal 1 Minute Candidates. 1 Minute Candidates use our platform as the perfect force multiplier for the collective impact of their digital campaigning efforts. And no one does Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaigning like 1 Minute Candidate.

Where are 1 Minute Candidates?
1 Minute Candidates are all over the country. From small municipalities in Kansas to statewide office holders in New York, 1 Minute Candidates are found nationwide. Consult our election map to find out where 1 Minute Candidates are currently located, and check out the previous elections we’ve served in the past.